Monday, July 2, 2012


Review software Blog Automatis. LazyBloggerPoster adalah sebuah tool/sofware terbaru bagi para Blogger yang tidak sempat membuat posting atau artikel.tool ini belum banyak di kenal di indonesia ini masih sebagian para netter-netter yang tahu. Lazy Blogger poster ini sangat cocok bagi para pebisnis online yang malas untuk mereview product-product yang akan dipasarkan melalui bisnis lewat internet LazyBloggerPoster LazyBlogCreator LazyBloggerposter Features LazyBloggerPoster is a desktop application to automatically posting amazon product review to your blogspot. It's very easy to use. Following are LazyBloggerPoster features that will save your time and money. Multiple Blogs Support We have built this software to publish the amazon product reviews to massive blogspot. Even your blogs on different account. You can input 300 blogspot URLs list at once, so every article process update will be automatically done by LazyBloggerPoster Scheduled Posts LazyBloggerPoster have a schedule posts options based on time setting you wanted. Also there is a repeat posting task which can be setting the number you want to repeat the posting process. Custom Your Own Post Unique content always makes your blogs to be loved by search engines. We provide rewrite option to use spinner text services from You can choose Product Description, Product Reviews, Editorial Reviews, or Customer Reviews to be rewrited. Custom Post Template Amazon product review consists of various kind such as title, by, price list, save, product description, product details, etc. Setting features can easily help you to made custom post template. LazyBloggerPoster provide 15 component lists that can be choosen. Tables component provide you with option to customize the format or order of amazon article component that you post as you wish. You only need to write the order of numbers from Amazon component in LazyBloggerPoster Custom Banned Keyword You are enables to submit keyword that not allowed exist in your blogs. Thus LazyBloggerPoster will filter it for you. It's the way how LazyBloggerPoster can help your blogs to avoid search engines banned. Title Trim Title Trim used to limit the number of title’s characters in a your posting title's. We have this feature to organize posting title's that might contain more than 70 characters to make your blog urls SEO friendly. Auto Link Auto link will create a link to single post which has the same word with the posting title's. As we know, internal link is one of parameter to get highly ranked by search engines. Customized Buy Button You can custom buy button with typing your image url that you already uploaded into your hosting. You can also set the left and right margin as you want in columns available. Set also the image’s position on posting with making configuration in the margin columns. Advanced Custom Input Text This feature that enables you to add custom text on page, whether it’s ready spin text syntax, addition on tag title [title] and tag html. Error Log Reports This feature enables us to monitor on error log within LazyBloggerPoster creating post. You can make it as references whenever error reported on this error log to help technical support. We also provide some condition that might cause error posting on the user manual tutorial. Support 7 Amazon Countries At this moment LazyBloggerPoster has been supports to be used on,,,,,, and LazyBloggerPoster